Pictures of the Wieland Company

On this page you can find some pictures of the Wieland Corporation, the people who work there and the products where dealing with.


the building, 5000 square metres of Wieland Textiles




The management of Wieland Textiles. On the forklift Rene Wieland, standing, Hans Bon

Busy at our office, taking orders from our customers

origineel.jpg (60372 bytes)

Our Stock of Exclusive Dutch original clothes


Hydrolic system to flipover 800 kg's of original at the time. In the background a drying machine. New asset in sustainability policy, creating less waste!




first sorting into fourty different items

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           wpe1.jpg (41698 bytes)

Original Pants. Needs to be sorted by sort and quality

              wpe3.jpg (40811 bytes)

Frequent quality check. 


Sorting in progress


and sorting item by item

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moving the clothes around..

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and looking for details

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Like a Rolls Royce, a 100 ton baler from Valvan Baling Systems

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The result...

Our new small baler. Valvan NDG 

Ready to be shipped!

voorraad1.jpg (44192 bytes)

Just some bales in stock


voorraad2.jpg (39736 bytes) 

Bags mostly for Eastern Europe